Map of the Internet

Map of the Internet

This, available in poster form, provides a middling fair object lesson in how to manufacture depth. The linchpin of the operation is of course the word “fractal”.

From the three or four insistent visual hints, one can conclude that the fractal mapping alluded to is modeled on a space-filling curve associated with Hilbert. Such curves, it appears, have limitless magical properties, even when applied only metaphorically to arrange 256 square tiles on a board.

Given the underlying insinuation—that you can find previously unknown patterns in the history of IP number assignments by means of a “fractal mapping”—it is easy to see that fractals have a bright future in the psychic professions.

There may already be several paranormal apps that use them.

This diagram was extended to a particularly interesting limit in this project. You can learn from it that fractals probably give you a physical feel for the internet.


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